Welcome to a Greek Paradise

Natural beauty and authentic atmosphere

As soon as you arrive, you’re hooked; you come back year after year – like your host Marco Bellacci, who’s been doing exactly that for more than 20 years now. There are good reasons for this; its remote location and limited access has enabled Alonnisos to retain its natural beauty, by catering mainly to a relatively small number of nature lovers. Alonnisos offers much more than its small size would suggest. Measuring 20 km long and four km wide, nowhere is too far to get to, once you are here.

Enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise, crystalline waters with more than thirty pristine beaches, many of them secluded whilst even the popular ones are by no means crowded. The island’s rugged mountainous landscape, studded with hidden bays is dressed in pine forests and olive groves. The topography presents dozens of challenging trails for hikers and cyclists.